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Please note that by their very nature, most of these FAQs are brief, or carry a shortened version of the actual code section that covers any specific question. You are encouraged to read the actual section available on-line in the Code Compliance, Ordinances & Backflow Prevention page to obtain the full code.

1. Once I have reported a suspected violation, what is the procedure Code Compliance will follow to investigate?

  1. A case will be opened in the Code Compliance database by address and assigned to a Code Compliance Officer responsible for a certain geographical area.
  2. The officer will inspect the property and determine if a violation has been committed.
  3. If the violation is confirmed, the officer will either leave a notice at the property (door hanger) or send a letter to the responsible party.
  4. The first letter generally gives the responsible party 14 days to comply.
  5. At the end of the 14-day period, re-inspection takes place. If the violation has been corrected the case is closed. If the violation is not abated, a second notice is sent.
  6. The second notice usually gives an additional 10 days to comply.
  7. If at the end of the 10 day period the violation has not been abated, a third notice is sent via certified mail giving an additional 7 days to comply. The notice states that a civil citation may be issued if the violation is not corrected. If a citation is issued, the responsible party may elect to pay the fine or request a hearing if they believe the citation is unfair.
Each violation is treated on a case-by-case basis, but the above procedure is a good guideline to how the Code Compliance Dept operates.

2. How long will it take a violation to be corrected?

The officer typically inspects the site within 2 business days of the complaint. Once notified, the time involved depends upon the cooperation of the responsible party in correcting the violation. The Code Compliance Division attempts to gain voluntary compliance in all violations.

3. What are the requirements for fencing heights? Do I need a permit to build a fence?

This question commonly comes to Code Compliance. Yes, the fence will need to adhere to certain regulations and obtaining a permit may be required. The best department for the most up to date information on fencing is Development Services at (480) 503-6700.

4. My neighbor is draining dirty water into their yard what can be done about that?

Grey water draining into a yard is under the jurisdiction of the Maricopa County Environmental Services (602) 506-6616. If the water is draining into a public right of way, i.e., a street, call the Town of Gilbert Code Compliance Division at (480) 503-6879 to handle the problem. If the water is draining into a neighboring yard, the problem is civil and must be handled between property owners.

5.Noise problems - Trash cans crashing, stereos blaring, etc.

The only noise problems that Code Compliance can address are constant commercial/industrial-type noises that exceed a certain decibel level. Other noise issues are considered disturbing the peace and are within the jurisdiction of the Town of Gilbert Police Department (480) 635-7600.

6. How do I arrange for a large trash pickup or arrange for a dumpster?

Contact the Public Works Sanitation Department at (480) 503-6468.

7. Rental property problems - water not running, repairs not complete, etc.

Code Compliance does not have jurisdiction over this type of issue. The problems need to be addressed with the management, company or owner of your rental home. If they are uncooperative, contact the Arizona Federation of Housing Council Landlord & Tenant Hotline at (602) 269-1715 for assistance.

8. My landlord will not repair the plumbing, heating, cooling etc. What can the Town do about it?

For assistance in these matters, please call the Maricopa County Slumlord Hotline: 602-372-7586.

9. A construction company is not suppressing dust at a work site. Who do I call?

Contact Maricopa County Environmental Services at (602) 506-6616.

10. Who is responsible for keeping a construction site clean?

A Town of Gilbert Building Inspector is responsible for making sure that a construction site is kept clean. Contact the Building Inspection Division at (480) 503-6728 with problems in this area.

11. What are the Town of Gilbert plumbing code or electrical code requirements?

The Code Compliance Division does not handle any building code responsibilities. Contact Development Services at (480) 503-6700 with building code questions.

12. Where can I drain my pool or spa?

The Town of Gilbert currently offers residents three options for discharging water from swimming pools. These three options, in order, include

If possible, always drain all or a portion of your swimming pool water on your own personal property.

If your own property is not feasible, then drain the water into the curb and gutter allowing the drainage to flow into your community's storm water retention basin. However, always make sure that the chemical level of pool water is as low as possible. Important Note: If you live in a lake community where your storm water drainage flows into the lake, please do not practice this method and move on to option number #3.

Drain the pool water into your sewer line (sewer clean-outs are generally located in front of a home). You should not practice this method without prior approval from the Town of Gilbert Wastewater Section.

13. Someone has abandoned a vehicle on my property. How can I get rid of it?

Though the Code Compliance Division handles complaints regarding inoperable and/or abandoned vehicles, it does not provide towing service. The property owner is responsible for having the vehicle removed.

14. Are there any town codes regarding satellite dishes?


15. I have a concern and don't know where to turn. Who can help me?

The Town of Gilbert has a Neighborhood Services Division that can direct you to the proper Town staff member or community agency; submit a request in Gilbert 311 or call the Community Engagement Coordinator at (480) 503-6813.