Backflow Inspections

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All permits require a backflow inspection prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)

Inspections are required whether a backflow assembly or device has been installed or not to ensure that all potable water fixtures are protected from potential cross-connection contamination. The Backflow Prevention department also conducts periodic surveys of properties to verify whether or not a backflow assembly or device is required.

When scheduling an inspection, the following items must be completed prior to the inspection:
  1. If/when a backflow assembly (or assemblies) has been installed, the assembly or assemblies must be tested by a state certified assembly tester, and a copy or copies of the test reports must be available on-site at the time of the inspection by the Backflow Prevention Specialist. This also includes any Fire Line devices located on Fire Sprinkler Systems.
  2. All plumbing must be complete including all piping, fixtures and any equipment being installed i.e. chemical dispensing systems, carbonators, processors, pool equipment, etc.
  3. The project plan, Certificate of Occupancy/Certificate of Completion sign off sheet and project manager/superintendent must be on-site at the time of the scheduled backflow inspection.
  4. When calling for an inspection, be sure to leave your name, the name and address of the project, the associated permit number and the telephone number that you can be contacted at.