Plan Review

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After receiving approval from the Planning Department, your building and construction drawings will undergo review before a permit is issued . This review is to ensure your building plans meet Town of Gilbert and national codes for life safety and minimum construction code requirements.

Permits may include:

  • Building,
  • Plumbing,
  • Mechanical,
  • Electrical, 
  • Footing/foundation,
  • Fire sprinkler,
  • Fire alarm. 

Frequently overlooked documentation required to submit the plans for a new house are calculations for gravity loading and lateral resistance, as well as floor plans, sections, and elevations. 

Fees are posted in the Development Services Fee Schedule is available in the Building Permits and Applications eServices site.


Building Department Impact Fees
Building Department Building Valuation Fee Chart
Building Department Permit Fees - Schedule
Wastewater System Development Fees

Mission Statement

To provide plan review and permitting services, which maintain minimum, adopted code standards while meeting the customer's reasonable expectations of service.


 As part of the Towns’ efforts to expedite permitting services, the Town now requires an estimated plan review fee to be paid at the time of initial application for most permit types*. The fee(s) will be based on the applicant’s stated valuation, and if applicable, the number of civil engineering related plan sheets as listed in the checklist for a commercial submittal.

Plan review fee(s) will be finalized at the completion of first review with any balance due collected at that time and any credit applied to the final cost.

NOTE: Sign permit applicants will be required to pay the permit fee at the time of initial application.

*Exempt from pre-paid plan review fees are the following application types:

· Swimming pools & spas
· Standardized single family home
· Miscellaneous electrical, plumbing, and mechanical
· Traffic control