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Court Resources

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Protective Orders

If you feel that you have been, or are imminently about to be: threatened, unlawfully harassed, physically abused, subjected to workplace harassment or victimized by domestic violence, you may come to the Gilbert Municipal Court anytime during public business hours to request a protective order.

Court BuildingWarrants, Bonds and Jail

A warrant is an order for the defendant’s arrest, so that he or she may be brought before the Court in person to answer to a pending criminal charge.


Court BuildingVictim's Rights and Services

A ‘victim’ is defined in Arizona as anyone negatively impacted by a criminal act, physically, financially, or otherwise. Although legal entities and neighborhood associations can be considered victims, their rights under Arizona law are limited.

Discovery District ParkCommunity Service

Must be 18 years or older to participate.

Court ordered community service is available to individuals on an appointment basis only. Tasks include litter removal, cleaning picnic sites and equipment, painting and other maintenance duties. Physical labor is required. Work is conducted outdoors and under the supervision of Park staff. A typical shift schedule is 4 hours. To register and learn more of the details, click here

trafficDriving School

To sign up for defensive driving school, please go to the Defensive Driving School website or call 1-888-334-5565.



Jury SelectionJury Duty

Certain types of misdemeanor criminal offenses are eligible for a trial by jury. In Arizona misdemeanor cases, a trial jury consist of six Gilbert residents who meet the legal requirements for jury service and who are determined by the trial judge to be fair and impartial with regard to the specific case on trial.