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To support Gilbert's efforts to be leaders in technology, through the creation of our digital communications department, we are leveraging digital tools and connecting with our residents like never before. By engaging out residents and visitors through sleek web design, mobile applications, and various forms of digital media, we are gaining local, state and national recognition.

Here are a few programs supporting our initiative to increase transparency, efficiency and innovation:

Digital Roadmap

Gilbert is positioning itself to become a leader in digital government. By unlocking public records, we will enable technologists to build tools to help residents in their daily lives. This report outlines a path for Gilbert's success as a digital town by allowing for increased internet access, open government, citizen engagement and digital industry growth.

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"Government Gone Digital" Podcast

“Government Gone Digital” is a new podcast series focused on the innovative ways that Gilbert, Arizona’s digital communications department is interacting with residents and businesses to tell their own story through the use of social media, video and other digital methods.

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SPARK App League

SPARK App League is the first coding competition created specifically for junior high and high school students. Created by Gilbert, Arizona in 2012, this non-profit program is hosted in partnership with Arizona State University's Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and is sponsored by Google. SPARK focuses on the thinking behind programming by helping students create a working video game while collaborating in teams.

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Social Media

Gilbert has more than 25 social media accounts, from public safety to our municipal court, to engage with the community. Gilbert's channels reach thousands of people and is a powerful way to form deeper relationships with constituents, gain valuable feedback and share information about services. Many of the the most effective social media initiatives provide a space for community-led discussions, with the Town playing an informative, supporting role in the background. 

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Video Production

Gilbert's digital communications team, Gilbert Digital,utilizes video to promote transparancy in governement by highlighting special events, topics of interest, and public meetings. Our most popular video is Gilbert's annual Digital State of the Town, a 15-minute, high-definition documentary-style film highlighting the years accomplishments. The Emmy-nominated Digital State of the Town allows people across Arizona and the entire country to view the production from home. In fact, it is seen by nearly 50,000 people a year.

Watch this year's Digital State of the Town and more videos from Gilbert Digital on our YouTube Channel at