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Gilbert's Organizational Culture

The Town of Gilbert is a high performing government organization, employing over 1,200 hundred people with roughly 250 lines of service. We are proud of our culture, where we serve our community by holding ourselves accountable for delivering exceptional results. We continuously improve our service through progressive and creative outcomes. We place emphasis on developing our knowledge and skills, and we communicate through transparency and accessible information. Individuals who possess and live out these values daily contribute to the overall success of our organization, and thrive in their roles!

We are Innovative

Gilbert is a safe place for ideas. We take risks and fail fast so we can keep growing, improving, and learning. We are committed to constant improvement and doing things differently. So don’t get too comfortable, and don’t settle for the status quo...even ours.

We are Kind

We spread Gilbert kindness in words and actions. We are inclusive, and believe in the inherent worth of all people. We value “soft” skills just as much as we value “hard” skills. We promote emotionally intelligent leaders who put people and relationships before processes and tools. We serve each other and the community with respect and civility at all times.

We are Driven

We are goal-oriented and passionate about our work. We’re hungry for new challenges and look for opportunities to achieve more every day. We’re not comfortable with average; we push ourselves to be amazing. We value “hard” skills just as much as we value “soft” skills. Show us what you’ve got.

We are Humble

Service is at the heart of what we do. We’re a flat organization where titles are the least interesting thing about us. Everyone has a meaningful contribution to make. We embrace the servant leadership model and relish opportunities to facilitate the success of others. Authenticity and collaboration are critical to our success.

Awards & Recognitions

AZ Business: 2017 Arizona's Most Admired Companies Winner

AZ Business Magazine: Arizona's 2017 Most Admired Companies

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Gilbert Employee MVP Awards

 Employees are nominated for exhibiting one or more of the organizational Values throughout the year. Take a look at this year's MVP Employee of the Year award winners.