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Water Conservation

Gilbert has adequate water supplies, but none to waste. Much of the water we use to drink, bathe, wash our cars, water our lawns and swim in comes from rain and snowmelt that collects in lakes and reservoirs north of our valley.

The water we use represents a very a small portion of the less than one percent of all the fresh water on the earth's surface. The Earth's water is trapped in a continuous cycle of evaporation, condensation and precipitation commonly referred to as the hydrologic cycle. This water has been on our planet for millions of years and no new fresh water will ever be available. This makes it increasingly important to manage the water we have with extreme care.

Where Our Water Comes From

  • SRP - snow and rain runoff from the watersheds in Arizona
  • CAP - water from the Colorado River watershed.
  • Groundwater - water pumped from underground wells.
  • Reclaimed Water - treated, recycled wastewater that is used on landscapes, golf courses, industry, etc.
Periods of drought are common in our desert community and may last from three to thirty years. This requires Gilbert residents to take action, as a community and as individuals. Incorporating conservation into our daily lifestyle isn't a choice, it's our responsibility.

Together, we can do our part to use water wisely and ensure an adequate water supply for today and future generations. Water conservation not only will help you save our precious water resources; it will also help you save money.

NEW! - Homeowner Association / Commercial Property / Multi-Family Resources

Often, small, inexpensive replacements or modifications of equipment can mean big long term savings, not only of water, but of money and time. Several inexpensive water-saving devices can be easily installed in your home. These include faucet aerators; flow regulators for shower heads; and displacement devices for toilets to reduce water consumption. Hot water recirculating units are becoming a popular way to save thousands of gallons each year.

It may surprise you to learn that up to 70 percent of household water is used outdoors. Studies have found that homeowners use two to five times more water than is needed in the landscape. Most landscape watering can be cut in half with no visible effects on the plants. Even if you have installed low water use plants, it is up to you to continually monitor the amount of water they receive. Not planting a winter lawn will save thousands of gallons of water, not to mention the cost of seed and the labor to plant and maintain it.

Our Sonoran Desert is the most diverse desert in the world with lush plants and a variety of wildlife.

Desert plants from around the world can be incorporated into our landscapes creating a variety of colors, textures, forms and even fragrances. These water-wise plants thrive in our salty soils and challenging climate. They require less maintenance and are resistant to most pests and diseases.

With a little planning, you can have plants blooming all year that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds. You can celebrate the seasons with fragrant flowers and colorful foliage, even bringing some indoors as cut flowers – all by using drought-tolerant plants!

Using native and desert-adapted plants just makes sense. Plus, you can help conserve our most precious natural resource in the process.

Free Water Conservation Programs available to Gilbert residents

  • Home water audit kits & on-site water audits.
  • Learn about ways to save water.
  • School programs – schools can schedule a free educational (and fun) water conservation assembly.
  • Water In the Streets – we respond to reports of water in the streets. Call 480-503-6098 to report.
  • Homeowner classes & workshops – we offer free classes on irrigation, plant selection and plant maintenance.
  • Free Brochures - a variety of helpful brochures and booklets are available from home water management to designing a water efficient landscape.
  • Landscape Consultation – call for answers on plant selection, water scheduling and techniques for saving water.
  • Project Wet – a water education training program for educators and young people.
  • Speakers Bureau – our staff provide a variety of presentations on water efficient landscaping and water management.
  • HOA’s and Neighborhoods – we can provide valuable information on ways to save money on water and landscaping with a free landscape water evaluation.

“We’re Not Asking You to Save the World, Just a Little Water”

If you would like to know more about Gilbert’s water resources and water conservation, contact the Water Conservation office at 480-503-6098.

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