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Summer Storms and Your Water Quality

Post Date:08/06/2015 10:16 AM

SanTan Vista Water Treatment PlantIt’s the season for summer storms again, and before long monsoons will be bringing high winds and heavy rains to Gilbert. Summer storms including microbursts, haboobs, and monsoons all present challenges for safety when driving, or protecting your homes from high winds and floodwaters. You’re probably familiar with safety precautions and  ways to prepare for these storms in your home, but have you ever wondered how your water system is prepared for these storms?

In Gilbert, your water system is supplied by a combination of groundwater and surface water. Our surface water supplies come from lakes and rivers via the Salt River Project’s (SRP’s) and the Central Arizona Project’s (CAP’s) networks of canals. Water delivered from SRP and CAP is treated at one of Gilbert’s two water treatment plants (the North Water Treatment Plant and the SanTan Vista Water Treatment Plant) before entering into Gilbert’s water distribution network of pipes, where it is supplemented with groundwater from any number of Gilbert’s seventeen well sites before being delivered to your home.

Turbidity GraphicTo keep your water supply safe and secure in the event of summer storms, your water treatment plants are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days of year by highly trained state-certified drinking water treatment operators. These operators continuously monitor the incoming water and watch for increasing levels of turbidity which can occur if storm water runoff enters the rivers and canals that supply our water. When these events occur, operators make adjustments to the water treatment process to safeguard your water from any contaminants that may be found in the incoming water, and to ensure that your water is disinfected and safe to drink.


Want to learn more about where your water comes from and how it is treated? Check out Tap into Quality’s video for more information.