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Gilbert Police Department Gilbert, Ariz.-Gilbert residents have recently been targets of a phone scam.

The scam typically starts when the caller identifies themselves as a police officer from a valley agency.  In some instances the subject identifies himself as a Lieutenant or Captain.  The scammer misleadingly tells the victims they have unpaid traffic fines, photo radar tickets, or a warrant for their arrest.  The subject  provides the victim with an exact amount of money needed to resolve the fines or warrant.  The scammer has made threats that if the amount is not paid immediately, the victim’s license will be suspended and/or officers will be sent to the residence to make an arrest.  The caller provides the victim’s name and home address.  The caller  tells the victim to pay the fees over the phone using a credit card or Green Dot prepaid Visa or MasterCard.  The victim is instructed to purchase a Green Dot prepaid card and call the suspect back at a provided number with the pin number and expiration date of the card.

The Gilbert Police Department and the Gilbert Municipal Court DO NOT ask for money or take money over the phone.

GPD asks the public to report any suspicious incidents similar to the description above.  We also remind residents that they can contact our non-emergency number at 480-503-6500 if they question the identity of the caller.

Contact Information: 
Jesse Sanger
Sergeant, Public Information Office
Gilbert Police Department
Office 480-788-3252