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Does Gilbert Have Enough Water for Commercial Development?

Post Date:01/09/2020 5:13 PM

Does Gilbert Have Enough Water for Commercial Development?

"I keep seeing new buildings going up all over town, does Gilbert have enough water for all this?"

The short answer is YES! Gilbert’s water resource planners and managers are constantly working to ensure that sufficient water supplies are available to meet estimated water demands at buildout, that also includes land that is not yet developed. Water Blog

Understanding that future water demands may not look the same as past water demands, Gilbert has updated Town Code to establish a “Water Use Allocation” for every new non-residential (commercial, industrial, institutional, and public facilities) water customer. This ensures that Gilbert has sufficient water resources to provide to every future water customer, without infringing on existing customers’ needs.

Here are the main points:

  • The policy applies only to new non-residential uses, and should only affect the very largest potential water users whose water demands could disrupt the delicate balance of water supply and demand for all of Gilbert.
  • Every parcel of undeveloped non-residential land is allocated a supply of water that is sufficient for most uses.
  • The total allocation amount is based on building floorspace and land zoning, so as a business’s footprint grows more water is allocated.
  • If a user needs more than the allocated amount, it can apply for more water (from Gilbert’s existing additional unallocated water supply) based on Council approval.
  • If the user does receive this approval, it can obtain its own water right from another source. After, the new user can then give that water right to Gilbert in order to be served water by Gilbert’s water system. 
  • Gilbert’s proactive allocation of water will mean that long term supply will never be outpaced by long term demand. This protects existing users from impacts of new customers as well as providing equity for landowners that wait to develop.

 So next time you drive by a new commercial development, you can be assured their resource needs are well-thought out, and that yours will remain intact.

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