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Water Conservation Through the Eyes of an Intern

Post Date:09/01/2019 7:00 AM

School is back in session! As we gather momentum for another year of learning, one of Gilbert's previous interns, a recent graduate from Arizona State University, shares her experience working with Gilbert Water Conservation:

Hi, my name is Morgan and I was an intern for Gilbert Water Conservation last year. As a Water Conservation Intern for the Town of Gilbert I experienced: assisting Water Conservation Specialists in visiting and monitoring sites, promoting water conservation awareness via events such as talks, workshops and seminars, helping with volunteer activities and conservation projects, and advising about Gilbert’s water shortage solutions and keeping up to date with changes in legislation. 

The primary function of this internship was to participate in the monitoring, analysis, and implementation of the town water conservation and resources programs to ensure compliance with state regulations. While interning, I was introduced to the intricacies of monitoring both water resources and conservation initiatives as well as the analytic processes involved in determining water efficiency and conservation potential. I used tools like GIS to map HOAs and school landscapes in order to aid in water efficiency. Additional activities included Volunteer Staff Management, Outreach Development, Blog Articles, and Youth and Adult Education.

 Three things I’ve learned about Gilbert during my time as an intern: 

  1. This beautiful community takes pride in its small-town atmosphere, and continues to build on that notion.
  2. Gilbert is innovative as well as engaged with the well-being of its citizens.
  3. Gilbert CARES about conserving water and the people in the Town love to learn about how they can help. They have an awesome Water Conservation team (in my opinion). Gilbert has done so much to prepare for water shortages and it’s commendable. 

 Three pieces of advice for future interns:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, its shows that you care and you’re willing to learn.
  2. Intimidation can be good or bad, depending on what you make of it. There will always be people that know things you don’t and vice versa. It’s important to take in every detail so you know more for the future and push on.
  3. Jumping at every chance I could to try something new or learn from the team was the best part of my internship. It took me a little while to get comfortable in my role, but once I did and wasn’t afraid to ask questions, I really started to thrive at the Town of Gilbert.

I would recommend always going on a water check-up when given the chance. Not only do you get to see water savings first-hand, but you learn so much about Gilbert residents and the process of water conservation through the Town. Watching specialists “sniff” out thousands of gallons of leaks in a matter of minutes was one of my favorite moments with Gilbert. Getting out of the office and into the field always feels rewarding.

The youth presentations taught me so much about the community of Gilbert and how they strive to educate their kids about the importance of natural resources. Volunteering at the Water Festival, working with the fourth grade program and Earth Day with Parks and Recreation were so much fun! Not only did I get to participate in teaching our youth about water conservation, I also learned so much about Arizona’s natural resources as well. Anyone can volunteer to participate in the Gilbert Water Festival

Here’s to a great 2019 - 2020 school year!

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