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Water Shortage and Gilbert

Post Date:03/04/2019 10:31 AM

Gilbert, Ariz. - You’ve probably heard the words “water shortage” and “Colorado River” in the same sentence quite a bit lately, which probably feels a little unsettling. In fact, it can be downright nerve-racking, especially since water is such a confusing and controversial topic in Arizona. We are here to help you understand just what a water shortage means for you.

Gilbert Conserves

Gilbert ConservesLiving in the desert means we have to be efficient with the water that we have. Despite growing populations in Arizona, total water use has been declining for almost forty years. In Gilbert, we have helped contribute to this efficiency as we grow too. Our per person water use has declined by 29% since 1997. In 2018, Gilbert worked with residents, HOAs, businesses, schools, churches, and our Town facilities to save 375 million gallons of water.

Gilbert Plans

When it comes to water, we plan for the next 100 years. We have built a diverse water portfolio. We have planned and prepared for natural environmental fluctuations, like prolonged droughts that can cause shortages. We hold a variety of water right contracts to river water from the Colorado River, the Salt River and the Verde River. We balance our groundwater use with sustainable yield – meaning, we never take out more than we put back in. We reuse every drop of wastewater that we collect and store water underground for a not-so-rainy day.

Gilbert is Resilient

Gilbert is a Team - Gilbert is Resilient

A water shortage on the Colorado River is increasingly likely. This is due to an over-allocation of water rights from the Colorado River and prolonged drought in the Southwest. This means that certain Colorado River contract holders will go without some of their entitlements. However, Gilbert possesses water contracts on the Colorado River with a high delivery priority, and there will be no immediate impacts to your water service. We’ve been preparing for this situation for years, which includes a diverse water supply.

Gilbert is a Team

Team Gilbert is here to help. Team Gilbert includes you. Our Water Conservation department has free programs designed to help everybody in Gilbert save water. But we can’t do it without your participation. Join our Team by getting involved with one of our services today:





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Landscape Workshops

Save water and money in your yard. Attend a free landscape workshop. Thursdays in March!



Water Calculator

See how much water your household needs compared to your actual water use to see if you have room for savings.



Water Efficiency Checkup

Schedule a free water checkup and we’ll help you maximize water efficiency in your yard.


Large Landscape Users

Water Wise Gilbert

We can help you save water and money at your facility and then we will recognize you for your efforts.


Large Landscape Users

Water Budget Program

We can create a water budget specific to your property and provide you with online water monitoring so you can track your water use to reduce water costs while maintaining a thriving common area landscape.


Large Landscape Users

Water Efficient Technology Incentive Program

We’ll pay for upgrades that increase efficiency in commercial irrigation systems. Contact


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