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Gilbert Water Conservation Annual Scorecard 2018

Post Date:01/02/2019 4:35 PM

Gilbert Water Conservation in 2018Water is precious here in the desert. We strive to use every drop as efficiently as possible because saved drops = saved water. In fact, in 2018, Gilbert residents, staff, HOAs, businesses, and churches saved 375 million gallons of water through a combination of free Water Conservation programs! That 375 million gallons of water we conserved helps us keep water rates low and helps keep water available for the future.

Having a hard time understanding just how much water 375 million gallons is?

  • It’s 7 days’ worth of Gilbert’s water demand.
  • It’s 7,500 Gilbert Water Towers.
  • It’s 28,000,000,000,000 drops of water.
  • It’s a ball of water that is 1 ½ times as long as a football field and 3 ½ Gilbert Water Towers tall.
  • It’s 568 Olympic size swimming pools.
  • It’s 3,127,500,000 pounds of water!

Great job, Gilbert! That is a lot of water! How did you do it?

Let’s take a look at the year in review:

  • 24 million gallons saved by residents. There were 486 households that took advantage of a free Water Efficiency Checkup. A Checkup saves a resident, on average, 50,000 gallons of water a year.
  • 64 million gallons saved by Gilbert staff and contractors who manage landscape irrigation at parks, street medians, and Town facilities. They achieve this by making monthly irrigation adjustments to reflect plant water needs, promptly fixing leaks, and utilizing water efficient technology at municipal sites.
  • 116 million gallons saved by 75 Homeowners Associations and apartment complexes that monitor their landscape irrigation and aim to water as close to their customized water budget as possible (a water budget tells them how much water the common area landscape actually needs, month by month).
  • 6 million gallons saved by 61 businesses and churches who receive leak alerts, assistance monitoring landscape irrigation, and installation of smart irrigation technology at their sites.
  • 3 million gallons saved by community and public education. Gilbert offers free education programs for students and adults and spoke to approximately 5,000 people last year in class programs, our 7th Annual Gilbert Water Festival, and our residential workshops.
  • 162 million gallons saved by new commercial and residential developments. Through the appropriate use of grass areas and the installation of water efficient and desert-adapted landscaping, new developments in Gilbert save water.

Thanks for your hard work saving drops in 2018. Stay tuned this month to see who made the Water Wise Gilbert list and we wish you an efficient 2019!

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