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Gilbert Water Conservation is Closing the Gap with Smart Irrigation Timers

Post Date:09/01/2018 7:00 AM

September 2018 Water BlogSince 2017, Gilbert Water Conservation has provided 22 Smart Irrigation Controllers to local businesses, HOAs and schools as part of our Water Efficient Technology Incentive (WETI). This program is designed to help non-single family residential customers increase water efficiency in their landscape by utilizing technology. Through the WETI program, Gilbert will pay for water efficient technology upgrades that meet the specific irrigation needs of your commercial, HOA, or multi-family residential site, including smart irrigation controllers, multiple-stream rotating nozzles, pressure compensating drip irrigation emitters and more!

We created the WETI program because we believe in healthy, attractive landscapes that are irrigated efficiently. We know that thriving plants create substantial value, well-being and beauty in Gilbert. We also know that water is precious here in the desert; yet, about 65% of our drinking water is used for landscape irrigation – almost double the amount of water our landscapes actually need to be healthy and attractive! Not only is overwatering wasteful, it can cause plants to die or cause other serious problems, including weak roots, disease, excess growth and damaged hardscape. Our goal is to use proven technology to close the gap between landscape water need and landscape water use to reach maximum efficiency!

Now you might be wondering, “How could I ever truly know how much water my landscape needs? Plus I would have to make daily changes to my irrigation schedules based on real-time weather conditions!” Installing water efficient technology like Smart Irrigation Controllers will eliminate the guesswork and give your plants exactly what they need, when they need it (and save you money)! This is because Smart Irrigation Controllers act like a thermostat for your irrigation system, telling it when to turn on and off based on real-time weather. Not only does this protect plants from overwatering, it also protects them against under watering during heat waves or dry times. We’ve installed Smart Controllers at sites all over Gilbert, creating water efficient, beautiful and healthier landscapes.

In addition to water-efficient technology upgrades like Smart Irrigation Controllers, Gilbert provides other FREE services, including site-specific water budgets, online water monitoring, and water efficiency checkup appointments to close the gap between water need and water use.  Contact Gilbert’s Water Conservation Office for more details on how to get your landscape running as efficiently as possible!

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