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The Water Beneath Your Feet

Post Date:05/22/2017 11:15 AM

Gilbert, Ariz.- Water service in much of the United States is often taken for granted. People need water and it is there for them. But what does it take to have a ready-to-serve drinking water system in Gilbert?

Gilbert has a network of over 1,300 miles of underground water piping to serve its residents, businesses, churches, hospitals, schools, hotels, and more.  This network of underground water lines is necessary to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of water to each customer.  water beneath your feet

Since water piping networks operate under pressure—typical water pressure throughout Gilbert is 60-80 pounds per square inch (PSI)—these networks are prone to leaks due to age, component degradation, unintentional damage, and acts of nature. 

In 2016, Gilbert experienced a total of 70 underground leaks throughout its entire system. The American Water Works Association considers a fully-optimized water distribution system as having 15 leaks or less per 100 miles of water piping annually.  Based on the number of service line leaks and water main breaks experienced in 2016, Gilbert averaged only 5 leaks per 100 miles of pipeline, well below the national average. Gilbert beats industry standards which helps ensure reliable water service 24/7, 365 days a year.   

The Gilbert Water Department, through the development of long-range infrastructure initiatives and preventative maintenance programs, operates and replaces water pipes, fire hydrants, water isolation valves, and water meters to ensure long term sustainability of the Gilbert water system.

Water isolation valves are utilized to control the flow of water in an underground piping network. Properly maintained valves help to minimize water service disruption when an emergency occurs. Water meters measure the amount of water Gilbert customers use. Water meters can help you identify if you have a leak on your property.

As a Gilbert residential customer, business owner, or visitor, you can proactively identify and report water leaks to assist us in our efforts to minimize water loss and service interruption. 


To report any type of water leak, please contact us during normal business hours at (480) 503-6400 Monday through Thursday, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  For after hours and on weekends, contact us at (480) 503-6500.  You can also use the new Gilbert 311 app to report issues.

Although leaks and breaks still happen, the Gilbert Water Departments works diligently to try and prevent issues before they occur. 

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