Green Gilbert

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GGPP BannerGreen Gilbert is a community initiative to promote green living. The Environmental Compliance, Water Conservation, and Environmental Services teams have partnered in this mission to make Gilbert a healthier more sustainable community. 

Green Gilbert embodies three core missions:

  • To reduce pollution in our environment
  • To use water wisely
  • To promote recycling and reduce landfill waste

Learn more about how you can help our Green Gilbert initiative: 

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Events Calendar

Fall Landscape Workshops

Hummingbird & Butterfly Gardens

Residential landscapes can be great wildlife habitat. If you are interested in beautiful blooms that attract hummingbirds and butterflies, this class is for you. We’ll explore the numerous options for a colorful yard that is also water thrifty. The bonus is that you will attract nature’s pollinators. Depending on the time of year and what you plant, you can attract different types of hummingbirds, moths, and butterflies. Arizona is lucky to have a diverse array of plants and wildlife.


 Classes are free but please be sure to RSVP at or by calling (480) 503-6098.

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