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Planning Commission Meeting

AGENDA Planning Commission 6-5-19

1             S19-04 / Z19-07 Stratford* 53MB

2             GP19-01 / Z19-05 Watermark at Gilbert Town Square

3             GP19-02 / Z19-06 Springs at Cooley Station

4             Z19-11 LDC Text – Cultivation of industrial hemp

9             DR19-16 Lakes at Annecy Parcel 3

10           DR19-46 Maserati Alfa Romeo

11           UP19-19 Beehive Homes of Gilbert

12           DR19-41 New Horizons Women’s Care

13           DR19-26 VJ Baseline

14           S19-01 Val Vista & Pecos

15           DR19-14 Val Vista & Pecos* 42MB

16           DR14-29-C (DR19-13) Agritopia Epicenter* 58MB

17           DR19-29 Gilbert Gateway Commerce Center

18           ST18-10 Layton Lakes Parcel 4* 73MB

19, 20    GP18-15 / Z18-29 Cadiz ADDENDUM

19, 20    GP18-15 / Z18-29 Cadiz

21           UP18-25 Gilbert Recycling Center

22           DR18-163 Gilbert Recycling Center

23           Z19-03 LDC Text – High Density Multi-Family ADDENDUM 

23           Z19-03 LDC Text – High Density Multi-Family

24           Z19-02 LDC Text – GVC and GBC Sign Code

25           DRAFT PC Minutes 5-1-19

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