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Planning Commission Meeting

AGENDA Planning Commission 7-10-19

1             DR19-79 Rivulon Lake Office Buildings* 45MB

2             DR19-59 Verde at Cooley Station Phase II* 48MB

3             GP9-03/Z19-12/DR19-82 The ACES of Gilbert Campus

4             GP18-14/Z18-28 Cordillera

5             Z19-10/S19-05 Belrose* 43MB

6             GP18-09/Z18-19 NEC Warner and Recker Roads

7             ST19-02/ST19-03 Stratford* 43MB

8             Z19-09 Vedura Santan Village Apartments

9             ST19-01 Anatole (Season at Springview)* 69MB

14           DR19-46 Maserati Alfa Romeo

15           UP19-15 AZ01-101 Stella

16           DRAFT PC Minutes 6-5-19


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