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Planning Commission Meeting

AGENDA Planning Commission 4-4-18 

1             GP18-01 Pecos Rd GPA / Z18-02 BWZ Auto Holding 

2             DR17-1186 Bellazona Wellness Center 

3             GP18-04 / Z18-05 Rockefeller Gilbert Crossroads 

4             GP18-05 / Z18-06 LIV Gilbert Crossroads 

5             DR18-14 Mercy Gilbert MOB #2 

9             Z17-1028 Macerich Santan Village Marketplace Phase 5 

10           UP17-1047 Cottage Wedding Venue 

11           Z17-1022 Chandler Heights and Val Vista 

12, 13     GP18-0002 / Z18-0003 SWC Greenfield and Germann 

14, 15     GP18-03 / Z18-04 SWC Greenfield and Chandler Heights 

16           UP17-1045 City Gate Apartments 

17           DR17-1200 City Gate Apartments (97MB)* 

18           DRAFT PC Minutes 3-7-18

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