Shop Gilbert


shopgilbert-logoThe Shop Gilbert campaign is a grassroots effort to encourage residents to put their money where their house is and keep tax dollars in Gilbert. Sales tax dollars are a critical revenue source of Gilbert. They fund ongoing daily operations including parks and recreation programs, public safety workshops, library materials, and more. Buying locally means sales tax dollars will continue to make Gilbert a great place to live, work, and play!

Shop Gilbert is sponsored by the Town of Gilbert , The Gilbert Republic, and the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce.

Please complete and return the registration form provided below to the following places in order to receive your Welcome Packet:

Gilbert Chamber of Commerce - 119 North Gilbert Road, Ste 101, Gilbert, AZ 85299-0527

To learn more about the campaign and how you can keep more of your sales tax dollars in your home town, visit Gilbert Chamber of Commerce. Shop Gilbert, and put your money where your house is.

If there are questions or suggestions regarding “Shop Gilbert,” please contact us directly with contact information on the right side of this web page.