Residential Landscape Workshops


Interested in saving water outdoors, where the bulk of residential water is used? Attend a free landscape workshop to learn how to save water and money, plus have a healthier-looking landscape.  

 Spring 2015 schedule

Time: All class times are from 6:30 - 9:00 PM  | Location: All classes are held at the Southeast Regional Library Assembly Room, 775 N. Greenfield Road Gilbert, AZ 85234.   

Smart Controllers | Thursday, February 12

Standard irrigation controllers will only do what you tell them to do. They will keep watering the same way until you tell them to do it differently. The weather is always changing and a big waste of water is due to these controllers not being adjusted often enough. A new breed of irrigation controller has been finding its way into the residential market. These are often called “Smart Controllers.” Once they are set up properly they will automatically adjust the watering schedule with the seasons and respond to rainfall.

Landscape Watering and Irrigation Controllers | Thursday, February 19 

Whether you are new to Gilbert or a long-time resident, sometimes watering your plants and grass can be a bit confusing. Outdoor watering is often a place where water waste occurs. This class will teach you the how, when and where of landscape watering. You’ll learn hands-on how to program an irrigation controller (also sometimes known as a timer or clock).  Proper watering can help you save water and have a healthier landscape at the same time.

Irrigation Maintenance | Thursday, February 26

Your irrigation system is the lifeline for your landscape. Early spring is a great time to tune it up and get it ready before the heat of the summer comes. If your system is giving you trouble and you don’t know why, this class will also teach you how to troubleshoot and repair it like the pros. Whether you have sprinklers, bubblers, drip, or all three types of systems, this class has you covered.

Maximize Your Irrigation | Thursday, March 5

Having a well designed irrigation system is important to use the least amount of water possible to keep the landscape healthy. In most cases we end up with whatever was installed. Often that means a system that performs poorly and is masked by excessive water use. Learn how to identify the problems in your system and what to do about them. You may be surprised; ripping out the old system and starting over is rarely needed.

Workshops are free of charge.

Registration required: Register online. Or call (480) 503-6098 (select option 5) and leave your name, address, a phone number, which workshops you would like to attend and the number of people attending the selected workshops so we know how many to expect. 

The residential landscape workshops occur every spring and fall.