Commercial and Industrial Water Use

Is your business water smart?

Did you know that in the Phoenix metropolitan area, 30% of the water is used by commercial and industrial customers? 

Conserving water at these facilities can provide multiple forms of savings:

  • Conserving water reduces the amount of water sent to the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Reduced wastewater flows from a facility can translate to a lower sewer fee on the monthly utility bill.
  • Reducing hot water use can save money on energy bills.

Water conservation can help cut costs in water, wastewater, energy, and maintenance at your facility.  The Town of Gilbert conducts free water audits to assess the potential for savings at your business location. A Water Conservation Specialist examines where water is used at your facility and provides recommendations on how to conserve.  This service is free of charge for Gilbert customers and available upon request.

To schedule an appointment with a Water Conservation Specialist, call (480) 503-6098 and select option 3 or fill out the online form.

Important links

  • Find ways to save water and money at your business.  Visit the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association business website
  • Water use at commercial and industrial facilities does not just occur on the inside.  If you have a landscaped area around your facility you could have room for water savings outdoors.  Find a Smartscape trained professional in your area for a water-conscious landscape contractor. 
  • The Facility Manager’s Guide to Water Conservation encourages water conservation by providing commercial and industrial water users with the basic tools for an in-house water conservation program.