Youth & Adult Resources

Gilbert Youth and Adult resources is a comprehensive counseling program available to youth and families within the Gilbert Community.

Available Resources

Youth Alcohol/Curfew Assessment and Referral
This program is aimed at youth under 21 years of age. An assessment is given that looks at substance use and abuse, family and peer relationships, school and/or work performance, and coping skills. Upon completion of the assessment, clients are referred for appropriate education and treatment.

Curfew Hours

Age 15 & under 10 p.m. – 5 a.m.
Age 16-17 Midnight – 5 a.m.

Counseling and Crisis Intervention
This program provides short-term counseling, court monitoring, and crisis intervention for individuals and families in the areas of gang intervention, incorrigible youth, domestic violence, child abuse, suicide, and victim assistance.

Domestic Violence and Counseling
Provides an assessment, counseling, court monitoring, and referral for both victims and offenders of domestic violence. The assessment looks at any prior history of domestic violence, substance abuse, self-esteem, and the relationship between the offender and the victim. Clients are assessed and referred to the most appropriate counseling program.

Adult Drug/Alcohol Referral
Following guidelines provided by the Arizona Department of Health Services, the client receives alcohol/drug screening and referral. Following the screening, clients are referred to an appropriate program at an agency providing chemical dependency education and treatment services.

Adult Diversion Program
This program provides a diversion program for adults cited for minor first offenses as determined by the court and/or prosecutor.

Youth Diversion Program
Provides first-time offenders (under 18 years old) the opportunity to avoid the court process and participate in a community-based program. Diversion is for those arrested for minor offenses, and includes assessment, intervention, and restitution.

Youth Violence Intervention Program
This program provides assessment and counseling for youth who have exhibited violent behavior. An eight-week Violence Intervention Group is also provided.

Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee (for Gilbert, Higley and Chandler School Districts)
Currently, this committee is comprised of 23 students from the Gilbert School District. They are chosen from the three high schools and four junior highs. The committee serves as a voice for students in Gilbert to the Mayor and the Town Council. The committee sponsors two events, Youth Town Hall and Student Government Days.

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For further information on any of these programs please call (480) 635-7701.