Crime Analysis

The main goal of crime analysis is to provide timely and pertinent crime information to decision-makers. In the Gilbert Police Department, the Crime Analysis Unit is tasked with doing three types of analysis: Tactical, Strategic and Administrative.

Tactical Analysis includes finding crime series, identifying offenders and solving crimes. Tactical is most often useful to Investigations, Special Enforcement and Patrol Officers. It is used to link serial cases, support surveillance or tactical operations and communicate with surrounding agencies.

Strategic Analysis involves identifying crime trends, causes of crime and problem areas of town. Strategic is most often useful to Crime Prevention, Patrol Sergeants, Lieutenants and Commanders, Traffic, Schools and Special Enforcement. It is used to educate the public, support Block Watch programs, direct patrols to problem areas and address specific causes of increases in crime.

Administrative Analysis involves data collection, statistics and reports. Administrative is most often useful to the Chief, Commanders, Lieutenants and department managers, Records, Schools and Traffic. It is used to support grant requests, additional staffing, citizen requests and crime reporting. It includes tasks such as statistics, charts, monthly and annual reports, webpage updates, GIS mapping, UCR reporting and database maintenance.