Parks & Recreation Master Plan

Parks and Recreation Master PlanThe Town of Gilbert welcomes you to its Parks and Recreation Master Plan website! As the Town works with citizens, a Master Plan Steering Committee and the Parks, Recreation and Library Advisor Board to update its Master Plan, you can access this website to learn about steering committee meetings and upcoming events as well as to download or review the most updated information developed for the Master Plan. You can also use the feedback form on this website to provide your ideas and thoughts about the types of parks and recreation programs and events the Town should provide

What is the purpose of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan?

Since the development of the last Parks and Recreation Master Plan over a decade ago, the Town of Gilbert has increased in population and developed area. Recreation desires, trends, and techniques for providing recreation services and parks have changed. Town leaders understand the relationship between community parks and recreation services, economic development and quality of life. The purpose of this Master Plan is to set a direction for parks and recreation programs, events and services offered by the Town over the next decade and beyond.

How can I participate in the development of the Plan?

A fundamental goal of this plan is to reflect and move forward the vision of Town of Gilbert residents and businesses. Throughout the development of this plan, the Town is taking several actions to learn about how you use parks and recreation programs and facilities, and how the Town of Gilbert Parks and Recreation Department can meet your needs. These include:

  • Community-wide Survey about how you use parks and recreation. A statistically valid community survey will be conducted by mail and telephone. Some residents may receive a telephone call or mail in survey during the first two to three weeks of April 2012. After we execute the mail/phone survey, a supplemental community survey will be available on this web page in late April 2012. All survey results will be recorded, although we will keep the mail/phone survey results separate to maintain their statistic validity.
  • Focused User Group Discussions designed to speak with key parks and recreation users, economic interests and potential partners regarding opportunities that could be mobilized through this Master Plan.
  • One-half day Community Workshop. The workshop will include panelists who will share information about state of the art recreation practices and trends and facilitated discussions with Gilbert residents about the types of recreation services, parks and recreation facilities they desire.
  • Two Public Open House Meetings. The planning process includes two public open houses for review and comment on the plan. Check back for dates, or email to be placed on our notification list.
  • Parks, Recreation and Library Advisory Board Briefings. Periodically, we will brief the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board about our activities. If you would like to be informed of these briefings, please email to be placed on our mailing list. (NOTE: If you are on the mailing list already, you will be notified of all meetings and public engagement opportunities.)
  • Updates - Want to know what we're doing? Each month we will provide an update of our activities via Facebook and Twitter.
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How will this Plan make a difference?

Since the last plan, new types of recreation activities (which demand different/new facilities) have become popular, and how we spend our recreation time has changed. More senior citizens are active, more families are single-parent or two working parents, more people are interested in a healthy lifestyle. This update will examine these changes and provide a framework for meeting the current and future needs of the Gilbert community. Some of the areas that may be addressed in this update include:

  • A vision for the Parks and Recreation Department to help it meet the challenges of the next decade and beyond
  • An understanding of Town parks and recreation infrastructure as green infrastructure that is essential to Town quality of life
  • Current recreation programs and recommendations for future programs that reflect community needs and desires
  • Current and future events that bring the community together and contribute to the economic fabric of the Town
  • Existing and future need for facilities that provide opportunities for sports, events and specialized activities
  • Trails and trail connections
  • Identification of opportunities to create partnerships and find new ways of doing business.
  • Recommendations for maintenance practices that are efficient and meet community needs.
  • Parks and Recreation Department organization

For more information, to submit comments, or to ask questions, please contact
Town of Gilbert Parks and Recreation Department
Orchidia Peterson, 480-503-6200