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Swim Programs


Swim and Dive Teams: Summer 2014

The Youth Summer Swim and Dive Team Programs are held at the Mesquite Aquatic Center, Greenfield, Williams Field, and Perry pools. This is a non-competitive program that is designed to introduce a child to the fun of swimming or diving in a team environment. Swim and dive meets are held on Saturday mornings and selected evenings through June and July. These programs are open to ages 5 to 17 and participants must be able to swim one lap of the pool to meet the minimum skill level required. 

 Gilbert Aquatics would like to thank you for your participation in the Summer 2014 Gilbert Swim and Dive teams!  We look forward to your participation next Summer 2015! 

2014 Swim and Dive Team Parent Packet and Meet Schedules

Swim and Dive Calendar 2014

Click on the link below to see the Gilbert Swim and Dive team results: 

  5/31/2014  6/5/2014  6/12/2014  6/19/2014  6/26/2014  7/2/2014 
Swim Team 
 Freestyle & Freestyle Relay  Freestyle & Backstroke  Backstroke & Breaststroke Breaststroke & Butterfly  Individual Medley  Freestyle
(long distance 100yd/50yd) 
Greenfield Gators Swim Meet #1  Swim Meet #2 Swim Meet #3  Swim Meet #4  Swim Meet #5 Swim Meet #6
Williamsfield Barracudas  Swim Meet #1  Swim Meet #2  Swim Meet #3  Swim Meet #4  Swim Meet #5  Swim Meet #6
 Mesquite Marlins (Morning)  Swim Meet #1  Swim Meet #2  Swim Meet #3  Swim Meet #4  Swim Meet #5  Swim Meet #6
 Mesquite Tigersharks (Afternoon)  Swim Meet #1  Swim Meet #2 Swim Meet #3  Swim Meet #4  Swim Meet #5  Swim Meet #6
 Perry Piranhas (Morning)  Swim Meet #1  Swim Meet #2  Swim Meet #3  Swim Meet #4  Swim Meet #5  Swim Meet #6
 Perry Mantarays (Afternoon)  Swim Meet #1 Swim Meet #2  Swim Meet #3 Swim Meet #4  Swim Meet #5  Swim Meet #6


  5/31/2014  6/5/2014  6/12/2014  6/19/2014  6/26/2014  7/12/2014 
Dive Team 
 Front Dive Required
 Back Dive Required
 Twist Dive Required
9 and Over - Inward 8 and Under - Flip Required
Optional Dive
Syncronized Dive Meet
Greenfield Gators Dive Meet #1  Dive Meet #2  Dive Meet #3  Dive Meet #4  Dive Meet #5 Dive Meet #6
Perry Mantarays  Dive Meet #1  Dive Meet #2  Dive Meet #3  Dive Meet #4  Dive Meet #5  Dive Meet #6


 Gilbert Swim & Dive Championships

Preliminary Swim Meet Results - July 10th & 11th

Gilbert Swim Championship Meet Results - July 15th & 16th

Gilbert Dive Championship Results - Perry Mantarays  July 18th & 19th

Gilbert Dive Championship Results Greenfield Gators- July 18th & 19th

APRA Sports & Aquatics Recreational swim meet:

Swimmers can register for the 2014 APRA Sports & Aquatics Swimmer's Classic which will take place on Saturday, July 26 at Kino Aquatic Center in Mesa, AZ. Swimmers may register for up to 3 events. Deadline for entries is July 16th.

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 Link to register: