NOTICE: Gilbert is rolling out new residential trash, recycling and bulk trash pickup schedules for all residents on Monday, January 4, 2016. Trash and recycling containers will be picked up on the same day and bulk trash pickup will continue to be offered one week per zone each month. VIEW your new pickup schedule.



As stated in the Town’s Compensation Philosophy, the purpose of the Town of Gilbert’s classification and compensation system is to support the recruitment, success, and retention of qualified and productive employees and to encourage and reward activities that promote the Town’s vision, mission and values as a high performance organization.

To that end, the Town desires to recruit and retain individuals who are customer oriented, demonstrate initiative, are team players, and accept responsibility, authority and accountability for work performance.  Once employed, the Town believes that incentives are critical if the employees are to be successful in achieving the mission, goals and objectives of the Town.  The Town will offer appropriate developmental and advancement opportunities and recognize performance with incentives for employee success, retention and professional development.  The Town will administer this in an open, fair, and equitable fashion.