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Building/Fire is part of the Inspection & Compliance Services Division. This site offers fire and building inspection services. We trust that you will find valuable information on this site and that answers to your questions are readily available. If you have specific questions, please contact our staff.
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Inspection Requests or Scheduling

Building/Fire Inspections are performed on permitted projects.

  • To schedule a Building inspection, call the inspection line at (480) 503-6487, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • To schedule a Fire inspection, call (480) 503-6728
Building inspection requests received after 5:00 a.m. will be scheduled for the following business day. Have your information ready when you call the inspection request line.
  • Permit ID number
  • Street address of job site
  • Specific type of inspection

Inspection Codes

  • Residential Actions Inspection Codes  
  • Commercial Actions Inspection Codes  

Scheduling Inspections

Access permits look-up and schedule inspections on-line or, Inspection Request Line: (480) 503-6487

  • Pre-deck Inspection Required for Pools  
  • Fire Inspection Scheduling  
  • Fire Sprinkler Test Detail 

Building Inspector Field Packet

  • Guidelines for Commercial Construction  
  • Temporary Power Pole - Overhead Installation  
  • Temporary Power Pole - Underground Installation  
  • Foundation depth verification form  
  • Tracer Wire  
  • Noise ordinance flyer  
  • Commercial truss/joist deferred submittals policy statement  
  • Engineering standard detail 80 - driveway standards for refuse trucks and dumpster bin enclosure  
  • ADA accessibility guidelines for buildings and facilities  
  • Accessible parking (handicap) sign  
  • Van accessible parking (handicap) sign  
  • Smoke free Arizona Flyer  
  • Certificate of special inspection  
  • Certificate of completion approval (shell buildings)