One Stop Shop - Customer Service


The Town of Gilbert is enhancing the quality of services by providing a user friendly experience to assist residents and business owners. The Development Services Department has teamed with the Utility Billing Division to form the “Customer Service Center - One Stop Shop” now located within Municipal Building II.

Whether you are opening a business, paying a utility bill, building a pool, activating a utility account, hanging a sign or have questions about developing property, our well trained staff will be available to assist and answer any questions... and just as important, these services are now located in one convenient location.

The Customer Service Center - One Stop Shop will also be providing a new host of plan review options for building permits. Choosing from a menu of alternatives, applicants will be able to match the desired service with project timelines. Please refer to the New Plan Review Programs listed below.

New Plan Review Programs

To include gas lines, fences, spas, like for like change outs, very minor Tenant Improvements (TI's) (addition of a wall or electric circuit), residential patios, gazebos, demolition, temporary banners etc. Each of these would be looked at case by case and depending on the complexity could be reviewed and approved at the counter.

Involves plans too complex to review OTC but can be reviewed and approved in 1 - 3 working days. Examples would include minor TI's (2,500 sq ft B, M & S occupancies), additions, garage conversions, mechanical, residential detached structures, plan changes, plumbing, complex signs, etc.

Requires submitting complete plans and scheduling a meeting 10 days in advance. Registrant in charge is required to attend meeting. Must have received Design Review Board (DRB) and plat approval. If plans are approved, a permit can be issued immediately. Self-certification is an option if there are only minor corrections. This requires the registrant to certify (seal & sign Town form) that the necessary corrections will be made to the plans to conform with the red-line comments. The permit will be issued and the red line comments and corrections will be addressed during the inspection phase. Self-certification option is at the discretion of the reviewers and based on complexity and number of corrections. Limited to 1 story commercial new builds (stand alone structures) with B, M or S occupancy classifications as well as commercial daycares, TI's (any size or type) and single family residential structures (excluding standard plans).

For TI's only. Limited to B, M and S occupancy classifications.
Only one review of construction documents performed if Registrant (architect/engineer) certifies that corrections noted by Plans Examiner will be made to plans. Registrant must seal and sign the Town of Gilbert form with this acknowledgement prior to permit issuance. Red line plans along with corrected sheets are to be provided to the Building inspector at time of inspection for verification that all corrections have been made.

For projects going through DRB. Once a project has been through a DRB Study Session and it appears that it will go through DRB with few changes, construction documents can be submitted for an at-risk plan review prior to DRB approval. If changes are required through the DRB process, construction documents will need to be updated to show the changes (that's the risk). Project must be approved through DRB before construction documents can be approved and/or permit issued. There is a potential to save 4 - 6 weeks in the process.

Normal review time reduced by 50% for first reviews.  Projects eligible include all commercial (non-residential) and custom Residential builds.

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For additional questions please call 480-503-6700.