Community Livability


communityThe Town of Gilbert takes pride in being a community with a family focus, special welcoming feel, outstanding service delivery, and firm commitment to retain its defining characteristics while it continues to grow. This strategic initiative provides direction to include livability considerations in all decision-making and service delivery. Our motto is: "Gilbert: Clean, Safe, Vibrant".




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2013 Goals

 Goal  Expected Outcome(s) / Results

PW Environmental Services
Kenneth Morgan

Increase customer satisfaction from an average of 93% to 95% or better for all Solid Waste lines of service by June 30, 2013. Increase in customer satisfaction contributes to Gilbert as a great place to live. RESULTS: Average customer satisfaction increased to 95% for all Solid Waste Lines of Service as indicated on the Town of Gilbert's 2013 Citizen Survey Results!  blueDiamond
Parks and Recreation
Rod Buchanan
Increase customer loyalty Net Promoter Score from 81 to 85 by March 31, 2013. Increase Parks and Recreation programming participation and streamline processes and procedures. RESULTS: Parks and Recreation staff exceed their goal - increasing customer loyalty from 81 to 88!!  blueDiamond
Prosecutor's Office
Lynn Arouh
Improve % of charging decision made within 30 days of receipt of DR/Documents from 58% to 100% by March 1, 2013. Allow resolution of cases in an expedient fashion resulting in accountability and possible corrective action for defendants and the timely provision of services to any potential victims of crime. RESULTS: Prosecutor's Office staff achieved this goal early and is currently making 100% of their charging decisions within 30 days of receipt!  blueDiamond
Police Department
Tim Dorn
Increase the clearance rate on (Uniform Crime Report) UCR Part 1 property crimes offenses from the three year average (FY 10-12) of 22% to 27% by December 31, 2013. NOTE: this due date was extended from the original due date of June 30, 2013 to allow for the receipt of the Mesa DNA analysis which began in May of 2013 and includes an approximate 46 day turnaround time. Increase ability to identify persons responsible for property crimes. RESULTS: Although staff did not improve the clearance rate beyond 22%, Gilbert PD’s clearance rate remains at 4% above the national average! As a result of staff’s efforts, several improvements have been implemented which will continue to contribute to GPD’s successful clearance rate including: an established 4 day turnaround time for CIS review, modifications to workflows and added levels of accountability, as well as comprehensive and consistent processing of property crime scenes and property crime suspects.


PW Wastewater
Mark Horn
Increase Emergency Response Preparedness from 60% to 100% by 12/1/12. Improves our ability to respond to and address emergency situations that can cause interruptions in service; this is an important element in our ability to maintain public trust as well as health and safety. RESULTS: Wastewater staff increased their Emergency Response Preparedness to 100% by successfully adopting five new behaviors across the department which include: performing weekly emergency supply inventory and re-stocks; performing daily readiness inspections on emergency response vehicles and equipment; performing 30 hours of cross-training in critical service areas; performing 10 hours of related Emergency Response Training; and participating in 1 mock hands on emergency response scenario training. The new behaviors are now part of standard operating procedures for all Wastewater staff.  blueDiamond
PW Water
Kenneth Morgan
Water Quality: Increase Emergency Response Preparedness from 70% to 100% by 12/1/12. Every staff member is educated and able to deploy the Water Emergency Response Plan. STATUS: Due to staff turn over; this WIG is on hold until new management has been hired.  redDiamond

2012 Goals

 Goal Expected Outcome(s) / Results
Parks and Recreation
Rod Buchanan
Complete Parks & Recreation Master Plan by May 2013. NOTE: Draft Master Plan is complete, expected to bring to Council for adoption in the Spring of 2014. Give direction and framework for decision-making over a 10 year period. Identify all potential funding resources and financial options for future development with strong emphasis on financial sustainability. RESULTS: Council Adopted the Parks Master Plan on February 13, 2014.  blueDiamond
Tim Dorn
Complete a data and goals-based staffing study no later than April 1, 2012, which will replace the current officer per resident ratio staffing model. Determine staffing and associated budgetary requirements necessary to: Meet established service goals; Maintain rating as the safest community in Arizona; Maintain citizen perceptions of safety in our community. RESULTS: Study is complete and has been sent to the Manager and Deputy Manager for review.  blueDiamond
Public Works
Kenneth Morgan
Increase recycling diversion from 17%(by weight) to 30% by end of FY 2016 (22% by 2013; 25% by 2014; 27% by 2015; 30% by 2016).

Increasing residential recycling diversion will reduce disposal costs; Increase revenue; Lengthen the life of landfills; Increase sustainability. STATUS for FY 13: Currently at 22% diversion (for Residential) which results in an increase in revenue of over $47,000 and avoided disposal costs of over $29,000.                      

STATUS for FY 14: Currently at 23% diversion (for Residential).


Parks and Recreation
Rod Buchanan
Neighborhood Services - enhance Gilbert's ability to communicate with residents by increasing the number of registered neighborhoods from 174, representing 64,582 households, to approximately 200 registered neighborhoods by December 31, 2012. Enhance communication to Gilbert residents; Able to inform residents of Gilbert activities, services, resources, and processes; Able to provide neighborhood leaders Town contact information to address neighborhood issues. RESULTS: Over 200 neighborhoods are now registered.  blueDiamond
Fire Department
Jim Jobusch
Reduce Out of Service Time (OST) by 10% by June 30, 2012. Increase area reliability, improve crew communications, increase efficiencies in training and resource support, and better utilization of Community Assistance Volunteers. RESULTS: Exceeded goal - Reduced OST by 14% or 793 hrs for the same time period last year, while the number of incident responses increased by 240 (4.6%) for the time period.  blueDiamond