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Pothole in Roadway

  • Public Works
  • Street Maintenance
  • (480) 503-6800
The Town of Gilbert maintains over 900 center lane miles of road with year-round preventative maintenance. We rely on our residents to assist us in reporting areas in need of repair.

If you notice a pothole, you will need to provide all of the information below:

  • Nearest main intersection cross streets
  • North, South, East or West lane indicator
  • Left or right lane indicator
  • Any physical landmark nearby that would aid in readily locating the pothole. For example: to the left of a fire hydrant – five feet east of a large Palo Verde tree – in front of yellow house with address, etc.
For more information, please call public works at 480-503-6400 (Monday through Thursday, 7am-6pm).
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