Service Center


Dead Animal in Roadway

  • Public Works
  • Street Maintenance
  • (480) 503-6800

Please report these immediately to our customer care center Monday-Thursdays 7-6pm; all other times to the Gilbert Police department (480) 503-6500. 

The Town of Gilbert considers this an emergency issue and encourages residents to contact the town immediately for a quick resolution.

Please provide the following information:

  • Good description of the animal type (dog, cat) color, size and breed (if known)
  • Location information that includes main cross streets, N, S, E or W bound lane and left or right lane identifiers.

NOTE: As a reminder, Town of Gilbert staff is not allowed to enter private property to retrieve a dead animal.  Death of a family pet should be addressed privately.  The Town does not provide dead animal pick up and disposal services to residents.   

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