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The Town of Gilbert Parks and Recreation Department owns and maintains public and some private parks (including riparian areas) ranging in size from less than one to more than 119 acres. The Town currently provides twelve public Neighborhood Parks, two Community Parks, five District Parks and a wide array of specialty parks that include a dog park, riparian areas, and soccer fields.

  • Cosmo Dog Park
    Cosmo Dog Park
    1. Address:2502 E. Ray Road
      Gilbert, AZ 85296
    2. Phone:(480) 503-6200
    3. Capacity:N/A
    1. Benches
    2. Drinking Fountains
    3. Drinking Fountains (Pet)
    4. Fenced Areas
    5. Information Kiosk
    6. Lighting
    7. Ramada
    8. Tables
    9. Trash Receptacles
    10. Wash Stations (Pet)
    1. Major Parks

Cosmo Dog Park Details (PDF)

One large group ramada and 3 picnic ramadas at Cosmo Park are located throughout the park. You can also enjoy the lighted basketball court and tot lot. See park map for additional amenity information.

Regular Park Hours
5:30 am-10:00 pm (not affected by Holidays)

The OFF LEASH areas of Cosmo Dog Park will be closed each Tuesday morning until noon for maintenance.

  NOTE: The ACTIVE AREA will be closed for annual maintenance beginning 8/4/14 until TBA.  The beach and timid area will remain open.  Crossroads dog park is open.


Thanks for your cooperation
Town of Gilbert Parks & Recreation, Parks Maintenance
The public ramadas and other amenities can be reserved any day of the week between 5:30 AM - 10:00 PM.


Dog Park Amenities

· Approximately 4 fenced acres
· Area lighting for night use 
· Pet drinking fountains & wash stations 
· Separate use areas for active and timid dogs 
· Ramada, tables and benches 
· Trash receptacles 
· "Mutt-Mitt" waste disposal stations 
· Information kiosk

Dog Park Rules

1. Dog owners must carry a leash
2. Owners must clean up after their dogs
3. Limit 3 dogs per visit
4. Dogs must be under voice control and in sight of owners
5. Dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior must be leashed
6. Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated
7. Puppies using the park must be older than 4 months
8. Spayed or neutered animals recommended
9. No smoking or food allowed within the fenced area
10. Dogs "in season" not allowed
11. Owners are responsible to cover holes or turf damage caused by pets
12. Children running or chasing after dogs is prohibited
13. Park users and dog owners assume all risks related to the dog park

Gilbert Parks & Recreation Department (480) 503-6200 | Gilbert Police Department (480) 503-6500

The Town of Gilbert, its officers, employees and agents shall not be responsible for any accident, injury and/or loss of property or damage resulting from use of the park by any individual, group or organization.

Information kiosk

Park rules are posted at the entrance and designated locations within the park.


About Cosmo Park

Cosmo Dog Park is a special oasis that has captured and celebrated the unique bond between dogs and humans. Every aspect of the

The story centers around our most famous K9, a local hero named Cosmo who was our first police dog. The park is not only named after Cosmo, but it is inspired by her, our K9 team, and the kinship we have in Gilbert with our dogs of all shapes and sizes. Cosmo’s story of love and dedication is repeated every day in every household with a dog in the family. Every child who visits the park learns from her presence throughout the park, and a plaque in her honor, the important lessons of bravery and loyalty to help them develop strong character.

At the entry of the park is a brick memorial that acts as a special place for residents who have lost furry family members to reflect. About 1,400 bricks were sold at cost, as an outpouring of residents expressed messages of love and memories for their dogs – dogs who had passed, those whom residents had grown up with, and those who continue to brighten our lives.

The bricks are a clear example of the unbreakable bond that comes to life at the park, as humans and dogs intermingle – racing and playing -- in a safe and free atmosphere. The park is not only unique for a dog park in that its entire 17 acres is centered around dogs – rather than being just one piece of a community park. But, it is also one of the few parks in the nation that touts a dog beach. Our dog beach is wildly popular and features a dock that dogs can leap from into the water. It offers a great opportunity for dogs and families to get active, and socialize.

Everywhere you go in the park, you see the celebration of dogs. In fact, residents who watched as the park was constructed were so awed that many were seen eagerly peaking in advance – and more than 5,000 came with their dogs to the grand opening event. Still, residents are often seen waiting in anticipation for the park to open so they can begin their day with a romp around the obstacle course with their dogs. Though still new, the park is already one of our top two most popular parks in the Town and is visited by Gilbert residents more than 600,000 times a year. It also attracts tourists from outside the town and even the region. Town staff has received multiple calls from other agencies nationwide, seeking guidance in building a dog park that can resonate with the spirit of the canine that has bound us as a community together.

The park’s entire design is inspired by the free-spirited, devoted character that is the canine: lights are decorated with bright and colorful paw-print decor reminiscent of dog toys, and which use the sun to reflect the silhouette of paw prints surrounded by reds, greens and blues on the walk ways. Paw prints are seen everywhere: They run along the amphitheater steps, are the shape of our tot lot, and they cross the lake, allowing children to leap from toe to toe as a fun and healthy activity.

Aside from playing and exercising, residents also train their dogs at the park, using the same equipment as our K9 team. And the park was built with humans in mind too, offering ramadas for picnics and community activities, the tot lot with unique and safe climbing toys, a basketball court that was requested by residents, and trails that allow for a leisurely stroll along the slopes that lead to the lake and dog beach. All amenities are within sight of each other and interconnect to allow the entire family to enjoy the dog park together.

That is what has made this park so successful: Its ability to draw our community together using the power of our connection to our dogs. This important accomplishment, of getting to know and support our neighbors and communities, helps make us a safer and healthier community. In fact, we were recently named the safest community in Arizona and 24th in the nation, a feat due to this kind of community camaraderie and strong public service.


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